Coaster Set with Island Gypsy Cafe Design

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These absorbent stone coasters will be the best coasters ever.

Coasters will not stick to the bottom of the glass. Thanks to their heavy weight, it makes them stable and secure and they never shift, move, or stick to the bottom of your glass. The stone composition absorbs and holds moisture securely protecting your furniture from water marks and stains. The cork backing assures they won't mar or scratch the surface of your furniture and will stay where you put them with no slipping or sliding.


  • 2 per pack, comes in the bag;
  • These absorbent stone coasters provide a protective barrier against water rings and condensation puddles;
  • The cork backing protects delicate furniture from scratches and dings;
  • Size 4-3/8" diameter x 5/16".
  • All Coasters are designed with Island Gypsy Cafe logo.

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